Successes and trials

DermatestThe renowned institute Dermatest, Society for Allergological Research in Münster, under Dr Werner Voß conducted a clinical dermatological trial on our behalf:

IENA silver medal

IENA silver medalInventor Friedrich Maindok was awarded the silver medal at the “Inventions - Novelties” international trade fair for his product, MY DOK® Hair Tonic. Nuremberg, November 2005.

Medical Faculty of the University of Magdeburg

In a randomised, placebo-controlled trial by the Medical Faculty of the University of Magdeburg, the university believes that for the first time, evidence has been provided of a hair growth product that in which the protein or amino acid content could be influenced.

„In this trial, it was demonstrated for the first time that the use of the MY DOK hair tonic significantly increased the arginine content in the hair of the test subjects. Following treatment with the hair tonic without arginine but with the same composition of additives, no significant change in the arginine content was observed. In our opinion, this is the first indication in a hair growth product that the protein or amino acid content could be influenced. This means that by using MY DOK, an analytically detectable effect could be demonstrated in the hair. It is of particular significance, however, that we have succeeded for the first time in detecting the endogenous competitive inhibitor of NO synthase, namely asymmetric dimethylarginine, in hair. This inhibitor is in part used to regulate the activity of the NO synthase.“

Dermatest Certificate „Dermatologically tested: Very good“ 2002-2003
Dermatest Certificate „Effectiveness testing“ 2002-2003
Dermatest Study 2004
University of Magdeburg Study 2008
Dermatest Study „Impact of L-arginine on androgenetic alopecia“ 2017